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4th Trimester Support: 5 Best Gift Cards to Send to Postpartum Mothers

The first few months after the birth of a new baby, also called the fourth trimester, is an intense, beautiful, and complicated time. These precious weeks and months offer many opportunities for a caring community to deliver support, friendship, and encouragement using digital gift cards for immediate response. 

New parents welcome help with many things – chief among these are meals, an extra set of hands, offers to run errands and help with household chores, and general expressions of loving support. 

For people offering support from a distance, go ahead and set up a gift card train. Items in this train can range from meals to baby clothes, to parenting books, etc. Other ways to be helpful include quick visits to check in about emergent new baby needs, including pharmacy supplies, postpartum self-care for mom, and a cup of tea to touch base and strategize about issues related to feeding the baby – like offering to watch the baby while she sleeps. 

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