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How To Build A Gift Card Train

A gift card train is one of the best ways to organize immediate support from anywhere and allows recipients to use as needed. Gift cards have a bad rap for being impersonal. They are sometimes lumped into the category of something obligatory – like a “host present" – a nice thought, but little more. We’re here to tell you that is the furthest thing from the truth, especially on Give InKind.

The rise of digital has transformed how people respond in situations ranging from natural disasters to unanticipated health crises. Digital technology has completely changed how individuals react – lightning fast – to both individual families or larger communities in need.

Getting Started On Your Gift Card Train

Once you’ve created your Give InKind Page,  start building your Wishlist (if you’re unsure, see our recommended list of products by Situation to see what gift cards are most helpful to your recipients). Give InKind pages allow recipients to let their supporters know precisely what type of support is most needed, whether that’s a meal, childcare, and so much more, including over 200 new gift cards to add to your page’s Wishlist.

If you are helping to build a Give InKind page, begin by considering broad categories of support. What circumstance do you or your intended recipient face? Consider how specific gift cards can be deployed as tools to help with these needs. 

Here are a few examples of how gift cards may help a recipient:

  • Food: Does a recipient need flexible takeout meal deliveries while they’re dealing with unpredictable schedules between the hospital and home? Or, would they prefer a gift card to cover groceries while they’re home with a new baby or can’t leave the house for other reasons? Do they have a favorite restaurant? And who doesn’t need caffeine at life’s beck and call?
  • Housing: Did your recipient have to evacuate because of a natural disaster? Which would be more helpful —  hotel for the shorter term or an Airbnb for the longer-term?
  • Transportation: Does your recipient need help getting around town or traveling across the country on short notice? Do they prefer flying? Will they need a rental car with they get there? Or if they prefer to drive, does their car need a tune-up before they hit the road?
  • Clothing: Clothes are usually an afterthought or low priority when new life events happen, but it’s important. Whether the need is because of a growing family who has recently adopted, a job interview, or perhaps a changing body because of surgery or medical diagnosis, don’t underestimate the importance of being able to get the right type of clothing and accessories for their situation.
  • Home: There’s no place like home. Being able to send the gift of comfort, organization, and/or repair is one of the most meaningful ways a person can show their support.
  • Media & Entertainment: Does your loved one have a long hospital stay ahead of them or are they home from surgery and need to rest? Keeping them engaged, stimulated, and entertained can be an important part of their healing process (or a much needed escape). Or maybe your recipient needs a reason to get out of the house.
  • Personal Care: Does your recipient need perscriptions filled? Or perhaps they need to be given the opportunity to take some “me time“?
  • Pet Care: Pets needs can often fall through the cracks, but worry their owners the most. Outside of finding care or accommodations for a pet while their owner is coping with their situation, there are other needs like food, toys, and supplies to be considered. 
  • Donations: Would your page recipent prefer a donation in their name in lieu of flowers or money? We’re excited to now offer the ability to send Donations as e-gifts.

One the biggest benefits of a gift card train is that you can help communicate exactly what the recipient’s needs are, plus it allows people to show their support from anywhere. You’re sure to find the perfect means of support from the 200+ new gift cards on Give InKind.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a gift card train, create a Give InKind page today to get started.

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