Managing a Giving Drive with Your Team on Give InKind

Last week we covered How to Create a Giving Drive with your Team, and now it’s time to dive into the fun part: managing it like a pro. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of running a gift card giving drive for your company. Plus, we’ll show you how Give InKind’s tools make it all super easy.

To streamline your giving drive, upgrading your page to Premium is highly encouraged, so you can utilize the tracking, resending, and thank you features within the Supporters View.

Keeping Track of the Generosity

Once your giving drive is in full swing, it’s crucial to keep a meticulous record of the gifts that have been generously contributed. While you will always be notified via email when support is sent through your page*, Give InKind’s Supporters View provides a comprehensive overview of your campaign, allowing you to monitor the progress in real time. This view allows you to see who has contributed, how much, and what gift cards have been selected, all in one place. With this valuable information at your fingertips, managing and expressing gratitude to your donors becomes a breeze.

From Collection to Delivery

Efficient Collection and Distribution

The process of collecting and redistributing gifts is a key aspect of managing a successful gift card giving drive. We simplify this process by directing all gift cards to a single delivery email address, which is saved in your Page Settings. Designate a teammate to collect gifts as they come in and prepare for redistributing to your final recipients. Alternately, you can designate your intended recipient’s as the delivery address in your Page Settings. Gift card emails will go directly there, eliminating the need for collecting, holding, and redistributing. This streamlines the giving process and allows instant access to gifts as they come in over time. Save your team’s time and legwork by letting Give InKind handle deliveries for you.

Gratitude in Action

Expressing Gratitude: Thank You Notes in Supporters View

Acknowledging the generosity of your donors is an important step in managing your giving drive. An efficient and thoughtful solution is the Thank You Note. Page Organizers can send beautiful, custom Thank You Notes within the Supporters View. Thank You Notes are also tracked in Supporters View, so multiple Page Organizers can stay in sync–and no redundant messages are sent.

Ensuring Every Gift Finds Its Home

Resending Gift Cards to Direct Recipients via Supporters View

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may lead to issues with gift card delivery. Easily resend gift cards in, you guessed it, the Supporters View. This user-friendly feature ensures that, even in the rare event of a hiccup, your team can promptly address and resolve any delivery issues, guaranteeing a positive experience for both donors and recipients. Our Support Team is on standby to help with any complicated issues and make sure gift cards reach their destination.

Growing Your Giving Circle

Expanding Your Network: Share your Page / Track Supporter Invites

Growing the impact of your giving drive involves expanding your network of supporters. While you can share the link to your support page anywhere and everywhere, inviting supporters via email through the Share button tracks those invitations in the Supporters View. Under the tab labeled “Invited" you can see who has received an invitation to come support your page. You can also see who has accepted that invitation, and resend invites from there as well.

All Wrapped In a Neat Little Package

Data You Can Work With

At any time during or after your giving drive, export all your support data as a spreadsheet. Valuable information for your company’s reporting, and proof of your great success story!

Make Yours The Most Powerful Giving Drive

Managing a gift card giving drive with Give InKind goes beyond the initial setup. It’s about efficiently tracking gifts, ensuring seamless distribution, expressing gratitude, resolving any issues, and continually expanding your network. With Give InKind’s intuitive tools, you can navigate each step with ease, making your giving drive a resounding success.

Haven’t started your team’s Gift Card Giving Drive yet? Get started here.

* Page Organizers receive email notification when support is sent via the Care Calendar. Recipients (designated as the recipient/delivery address in Page Settings) receive email notification when support is sent via the Wishlist.

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