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How To Boost Your Organization’s Fundraising Drives with a Gift Card Train

For companies, teams, and non-profits seeking to support others, the safest and easiest way to get people exactly what they need is with a Gift Card Train.

Whether you prefer to Adopt-A-Family or create a general Holiday Gifting Drive, a Give InKind Gift Card Train allows supporters from all around to provide fast, personalized support.

Starting Your Gift Card Train

It’s easy; takes just five minutes!

"Holiday Gifting Drives with a personal touch." An iphone displays an InKind Page Wishlist filled with gift cards for Stargucks, Sephora, Guitar Center, and Crate & BarrelFirst, create your InKind Page,  and start building your Wishlist (if you’re unsure, see our recommended list of products by Situation to see what gift cards are most helpful to your recipients). Over 200 gift cards are available for direct delivery, including the Care Card. We deliver the Care Card electronically as a gift link that grants the recipient access to choose whichever gift card they want.

If you are helping to build an InKind Page, begin by considering broad categories of support. Similarly, what circumstances do those you are helping face? Additionally, consider how specific gift cards can be deployed as tools to help with these needs. 

Example of how one Non-Profit Is Making Gift Cards their Go-To this Holiday Season.

Here are a few examples of how gift cards may help those you support:
  • Food: Many have difficulty feeding their families. Gift cards to grocery stores or all inclusive stores like Walmart can be extremely helpful.
  • Clothing: Clothes and outerwear  are a core essential when providing support during life’s challenges. This can be a need of a growing family who has recently adopted, a job interview, or perhaps a changing body because of surgery or medical diagnosis. Don’t underestimate the importance of the right type of clothing and accessories for the situation.
  • Housing: Does your campaign include finding temporary housing or shelter for families? Did your families have to evacuate because of a natural disaster? Are they traveling for holidays? Which would be more helpful–hotel for the shorter term or an Airbnb for the longer-term?
  • Transportation: Do your recipients need help getting around town to their job or traveling to see family in need?  Will they need a rental car with they get there? Or if they prefer to drive, does their car need a tune-up before they hit the road?
  • Home: Being able to send the gift of comfort, organization, and/or repair is certainly a meaningful way to show support.
  • Media & Entertainment: Children (and their parents) could use some distraction. Because of this, keeping them engaged, stimulated, and entertained can be an important part of the healing process when things are chaotic (or provide a much needed escape). Or maybe your recipient needs a reason to get out of the house.
  • Personal Care: Do your recipients need prescriptions filled? Or perhaps they need to be given the opportunity to take some “me time“?
  • Pet Care: Meeting pets’ needs can worry their owners the most. In addition to finding care or accommodations for a pet while their owner copes with their situation, other needs like food, toys, and supplies should be considered.
One the biggest benefits of a gift card train is that you can help connect a community to the exact needs of those you support through your organization.

Additionally it allows people to show their support from anywhere. You’re sure to find the perfect means of support from the 200+ gift cards on Give InKind.

If your organization could benefit from a gift card train, create an InKind Page today to get started.

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